Saturday, August 20, 2011

Time flys when your having fun!

Hello Everyone,

Wow first of all sorry I haven't posted anything in a month!  Oops.  Time is just getting the best of me right now.  I am once again caught up in work and whatever else we have going on.  We have been living in New Zealand for just about 7 months which is crazy!

I can't believe how fast time has gone, it hasn't seemed like its that long, and to know we only have 5 months left is freaking me out.  I mean we have moved to a foreign country, set up shop, found good jobs and are enjoying living on our own and exploring new places.  That is pretty freaking cool to think about.  What an amazing opportunity and to think it is going to be over soon scares me!  I mean what happens when we go home, we will just arrive home and then what?  How will being home (minus seeing all our friends and family) be anywhere as exciting as living in a different country and exploring new things each day, learning cultural, language and way of life differences?  Oh well I guess that just means I will (Colin included, he just doesn't realize it) need to continue traveling the world and experiencing new things.  It is a good reminder to never get too caught up in your life and own little world that consists of one city because there is so much more going on and it must be experienced!

Well in other news:

We officially leave for Thailand in 5 days!! I am beyond excited! If anyone is interested this is what we will be doing while venturing through Thailand!  We arrive in Bangkok and are there for 3 nights 4 days.  Two of the days we have half day tours.  One of them is a temple tour and the other is a country biking tour that goes to a sandal and factory.  I really want to go to this place called the Moon Bar which is on top of a sky scraper and you get to look out all through Bangkok!  Then we are off to Chiang Mai.  We fly up there, get to hang out for the day and then head out on a 3 day hiking tour visiting tribes and ridding elephants!  From Chiang Mai we go down to Krabi which is right on the water and we will be staying there for 4 days and go island hopping, swimming, snorkeling, rock climbing and whatever else we decide to do! And then, we go to Po Phi Phi island for a night which is where 007 and the beach was filmed.  After all that we make our way up to Phuket for a night and then fly back home.  Its going to be alot of traveling around but I am so excited to experience yet another country!  And I am sure this will make my travel itch even stronger!

The last month we haven't done alot.  Just working and Colin and I spending time together on the weekends.  We have been doing hikes and exploring more restaurants and craft beer bars throughout the town.   Work has been great and busy.  I absolutely love my job, if I haven't said it before.  Everyone I work with is great, the experience I am getting is outa this world.  I am constantly given more responsibility and soaking it up.   I am currently working on my first spend and win promotion for the centre! :) Jaime and I have been running during lunch which has been great!  I am no good runner, but I am slowly getting better.  We are doing 5-6.25 K's currently and my goal is 10k by november! (Don't judge my lack of distance, like stated earlier, I am not a good runner...)

This last month we had a super cool opportunity to volunteer for Beervana.  This was a beer festival in Wellington of all the craft beers (over 200) - Colin about peed himself with excitement!  So naturally we volunteered to be bar tenders for one of the sessions.  We got free admission to a different session ($35 value!) and the tokens for beers!  We had a blast!  But I made the mistake of not having dinner before all my tastings, so I was a little tipsy to say the least! :) But don't worry I made it up by being the typical drunk person and spending a ridiculous amount of money on a dinner that I can't even comment on!  Oh well.. Then saturday night we were bar tenders.  It was alot of fun, and I can now say I have 5 hours of experience pouring beer for tons of beer fanatics!

More Funny New Zealand sayings/things.

- Chalka - the line was chalka full.  - (The line was long)

- country road bags - these are like duffle bags from a store called Country Road which is a nicer store here.  It is a HUGE trend for everyone to use these as backpacks or purses.. I don't get it...

- boom boxes in bags - another big trend here.  To put their ipod and speakers in their Country Road bag and play it circa 1980s boom box.

- barbers sit while cutting hair -interesting...

- She's a nutter tell her to bugger off.  - Translation - she is crazy tell her to leave.

- drink driving.. - yes its called drink driving here. There is also a HUGE problem with that here.  You can actually be in your car and have open containers and be drinking....

puffer jacket- down jacket

Stuff you - like screw you.

For the first time in 30 years in snowed in Wellington, not only in the suburbs, but central Wellington which is at sea level.  Thus since this hasn't happened in decades everyone went crazy about it and the city basically shut down.  Sunday afternoon it snowed and actually stuck for a little bit.  Nelson and Rose our flatmates were super excited about it making snow balls and taking lots of photos.  We introduced snow to Kitty, but she didn't really like it.  And then basically refused to leave the house since there was snow on the deck.. still do not know if maybe she went down under the stairs and peed??

Work was a whole experience in its self.  I got to do a little emergency management with retailers wanting to shut down and what not.  It was very exciting, yet funny at the same time because snow wasn't sticking to the ground and everyone went into panic mode.  The busses shut down (luckily I was able to take a taxi) and everyone basically thought it was the end of the world.  So this went on for two days and finally the snow is gone and everything is back to normal! THANK GOD!

I also thought it may be nice, especially for later on in life, to take more photos around town.  So below are a few from down town wellington, the Sunday market, the local grocery store, roads etc.  I will get some more taken of the way up to our house too!

 The water front walk to the Market.  The waterfront here is great!

The good old Sunday market!

Where we go for lunch each Sunday at the New York Pizza Department in the market.  Probably the best pizza I have EVER had. Rumor has it, the dude in the photo above used to work for a big corporation and then decided to go travel the world and learn how to make pizza and is back!

More downtown and central Wellington area.  This hill above goes towards the Mt. Victoria suburb.

These roads are on Courtnay place, a major strip in central Wellington with lots of bars and restaurants.  The photo right above the road takes you to the water, and the New World grocery store pictured above.

Views from our suburb, Wadestown and the road to our house! 

Hope to post more often!  Miss you all!