Saturday, April 2, 2011

I'm a big girl now, with a big girl job!

Hello Everyone!

I know its been awhile, I've been super busy!  Since coming back from our last trip, I have been working full time at Westfield Queensgate.  I am the new marketing coordinator, and it is so much fun!  I have my own office, and the people I work with are great.  I am learning alot about the differences between the company within the US and NZ.  There are many cultural differences too, the way you write emails, and my favorite one... wine each Friday.  Yes, thats right the last half an hour of work we relax and end the day with a glass of wine! They all think its funny that you can't do that in the US.  and everyone was in shock to hear we only have 2 weeks paid vacation.  I also found out their maternity leave is 14 weeks too!

Anyways, besides my job which wares me out! we have been planning our next place to visit.  Good Friday is a public holiday, as well as ANZAC day, which is like our Vetrans Day.  so we have a 4 day weekend!  We are going to Hawks bay, which is on the east cost of the North Island.  We are going to do a biking wine tour, which I am so excited for!  I hope to do some more traveling alot, were really just wanting to make some money and then go around the country.  We love Wellington but are feeling alittle tied down, though I am sure it will get better once Colin has a job as well.   It could also be us just missing home and friends/family.

In other news, our flatmate Stephanie is moving out (not really sure why...) and so Greg is most likely moving in with us!  at least until August.. so if anyone wants to come live in NZ for a while, we have a room open! 

Some common sayings:
- Let me have a think about it.
- I can't be bothered.  (ex.  I want some ice cream but I can't be bothered walking there!)  I think its funny.

- Singlet = tank top
- Theater = operating room

Below:  My duck Phebe... for the Lower Hutt Duck races... More pictures to come!! She debuts tomorrow, and I hope she wins!!

The other two pictures are our night out on the town with Greg and his Dad.

I'll try to put up a post more often, as I know I am missing stuff!!  But hopefully in the next few weeks well have more interesting things to tell everyone about!

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  1. Sarah -- love your observations!!! I'm terribly impressed that you got such a REAL job! Keep posting, especially on Fridays with wine glass in hand. That's so amazing. Give Colin a hug!