Saturday, May 7, 2011

Osama is dead... and the Kiwi TV1 put the fake photos on the news....

Hello Hello!

So this week I was given tickets to a Wellington Blues VS. Auckland Hurricanes Rugby game.  so Friday night Colin and I walked down to the stadium and watched the game.  It was pretty fun and interesting since I don't really know the rugby rules, but I enjoyed it alot.  The stadium only seats around 36,000 people and is only one level.  So really there isn't a bad seat.  Its crazy to think that the other major stadium in the country only holds just over half the capacity of Quest Field.

 Also, this week we found out the Osama news.  It has been interesting to hear the comments from Kiwis.  The messages boards on-line here are surprisingly negative.

  I think this will be something like 9/11 and how people remember where they were that day.  I was the first person in the office to know about it since my parents called to tell me.  Everyone was astonished about the news.   The funny thing is that the NZ news actually found one of the fake photos for Osama on the internet and thought it was real.  His fake death photo was broadcasted on the news.. I can easily say it hasn't been since then..

Since we wern't able to go to Hawks Bay over Easter we are now going on the 27th of May.  I am pretty excited!  We take the bus up, then stay in Napier for 2 days where we will walk around/explore and then do a biking wine tour.  Then on Saturday/Sunday we are going to rent a car and drive up the coast to Brisberth and stay up there for a night.  Hawks bay is right on the east coast of the North Island and have heard from many people how beautiful it is.  Some people from work grew up there so I am getting a whole list of fun things to do.

My package from home came! It was filled with amazing things! I was told I had to bring it into work for show and tell.  It was hilarious to watch Jaime, Jan and Megan look over the 'American' stuff.   I also have everyone in the office try any kind of candy my mom sends.  They have tried Jolly Ranchers, Girl Scout Cookies and Hershey's chocolate Easter eggs.. Everyone of them loved them all.. its so fun to watch their reaction and talk about how its a great 'American' candy.

Funny Kiwi Sayings....
Doesn't that just rip your panties
Good on you
Pram = Stroller
get shitty = someones being shitty, or being mean. EX:  She got really shitty with me

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