Friday, December 23, 2011

Merry Christmas from New Zealand!

Hello Everyone,

Hope you all are staying warm in the frightful weather!  Colin and I would like to say to everyone at home Merry Christmas!  We are sorry to not be there (Though I have to say this amazing summer weather is pretty nice!) but can't wait to see everyone in a month and have a delayed Christmas.

It's Christmas Eve here today and traditionally people spend it doing last minute shopping and going to church/spending time with their families.  In New Zealand its quite popular to go down to the local pub for the evening with friends to celebrate!  - No we didn't do that, but we did spend the day in the sunshine in town for lunch and ice cream on the water front. (its OK to be jealous of our summer weather!)

Friday at work was afternoon Christmas Tea, I made plates of "American" cookies for everyone, they were a hit!
 Our boardroom turned Christmas table, so much fun!

Below are some photos from today down in the CBD, such wonderful weather!

From New Zealand to all our friends and family at home, Merry Christmas! We love and miss you all! 

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