Tuesday, January 17, 2012

One week to go....

I can't even believe I am saying this.. but I only have two days left of work and 4 days left in Wellington!  Where has the time gone, how have we lived here for an ENTIRE year already!  It doesn't seem real!

New Zealand is amazing, it has been our home for a year, we have met many friends, co-workers and flatmates.  I will miss the Kiwi life style - stores closing at 6pm, all the English sayings (bugger, keen, reckon, heaps and many more).  Colin and I have decided it seems like we are just packing to go on another fun trip and we will be back, it hasn't hit us that we.. are... leaving.. New... Zealand....

A lot has happened in 2012 already (17 days into it!)  We welcomed in the New Year playing board games and drinking champagne because the weather was horrible,  We spent the next weekend with my co-worker/friend and fiance (recently engaged) crossing the Tongariro Alpine Crossing (voted one of the best day hikes in the world!) and most recently I got offered the Marketing Coordinator position at Westfield Southcenter!

Below are a few photos as our time in New Zealand starts to wrap up, the goodbyes have started.. (tear, tear)
Just another day at work!  My wonderful photographer and great stylist working on our last style blog photo shoot. (I am SO going to miss them, they are great!)

Video of my trying to pop open some bubbles - yummy celebration of my new job (Thanks Curry Family!!)

Nelson's Family - our Kiwi Family - We will miss them!!!

Happy Birthday Colin!

Flat family photo
Moving into the flat - day one!

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