Friday, March 4, 2011

We live in earthquake country

Well its been over a week since the Christchurch earthquake, and there are 166 officially dead.  So sad… They're slowly looking for more people in pancaked buildings and getting things back to "normal". 

There have been two earthquakes in Wellington this week. They were around 4.5.  We felt the first one but the last one was Friday morning around 2AM and I didn't feel that one.  There hasn't been any damage luckily, just kinda scary.

We have been going on hikes and going to museums around Wellington and planning a trip hopefully next week down to the South Island to Nelson for a few days to go play in the sun and go kayaking and to some breweries. 

There have been some pretty gross windstorms here recently where I'm pretty sure I was going to get blown away.  Yesterday while walking the bag Colin was holding onto broke and went flying into the street from the wind.. WOW! it was actually pretty funny though because right before he said that he joked about it happening. 

I have something in the works with Westfield that I am super excited about but its not official yet so wont say… I'll keep everyone posted when I find out for sure! :) 

There is a film documentary festival coming to Wellington this week and were going to try and go to some of those movies, they look really good!  Also we did some window shopping yesterday comparing prices and went into a outdoor store with Northface stuff…. I found my coat US250… it was NZ549!!!! which is $417 US!! AHHH thats crazy! the exchange rate doesn't even compare, people here are getting so ripped off! we keep finding crazy things like that where the prices are so much more. 

Also, interesting fact, the Police here don't have guns, only tasers, no one has guns here.

We are in the works of getting a ticket to the USA VS. AUSTRALIA rugby world cup game in September too!

Anyways, more news to come! hope all is well back home!

The pictures above:
- Colin and I in Auckland, Island Bay, and our latest hike!

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