Thursday, February 24, 2011

We are safe and not in Christchurch

well its been an interesting few days!

First of all WE ARE NOT IN CHRISTCHURCH - we are in Wellington and safe from the Earthquake.

 - the earthquake in christchruch struck on Tuesday our time (Monday your time) and we have been watching coverage of that a lot of the time.  Its interesting to see how the media over here is different than at home, yet still the same. 

Right now the death toll is a 113 but im sure it will go higher.  The flags at the capital are half mass as well as everywhere else and even just walking places or ridding the bus people are talking about someone they know who's down there. 

I (being super into emergency management) have given my application to the Ministry of Civil Defense and the Red Cross in hopes to go down and do some work.  we shall see!! (what a great experience to go help people in need and get field experience to apply back in the States!)

Our lovely flat has continued to have problems… First the toilet didn't work and it still doesn't really work correctly, then we had a gas leak and coulda blown off our heads each time we used the stove, now our dishwasher is broken and we have to hold it shut for it to run, and our modem for the internet is faulty.  But in our luck… Nelson and Colin went to exchange it and they won't have any until next week, so we have one computer hooked up. And to top it all off there is massive construction outside our place that goes until May and they have been randomly turning our water off each day.. SO MUCH FUN!   - its really not too bad though i guess we have just gotten used to living with numerous things broken.

I started my first day of work with the New Zealand Rugby Association.  I am working on a project that was suppose to last two weeks but its really only gonna take me a few days.  I am imputing data about all the professional rugby players in New Zealand, and according to them die hard fans would love to have access to the information I'm dealing with.  The company is really cool and laid back, everyone is super nice.  It would be a lot of fun to actually work there full time.

BUT Westfield emailed me and though the GM is down in Christchurch there is a project that i should hopefully be able to do there and so I am meeting with the Assistant GM this next week to discuss it!

as far as everything else, we are starting to plan and get ideas for trips ( this means I am doing the research and planning and Colin gets the easy part and just shows up places he needs to!)

We went to Island Bay and played in the water a cool 80 degrees ish and got some much needed sun.  And we have finally got fully adjusted and all settled.  I feel pretty confident walking around town and know what busses to catch so life is good!

 the pictures below = our flatmates and us in the park BBQING - the capital, also known as the Beehive, and the flags at half mass for the victims of the Christchurch earthquake, and then Island Bay scenic pictures! 


  1. It sounds like things are going well, although an adventure! I am so glad you are alright, keep the updates and photos coming!

  2. Love that boat behind Colin... I see they ride in style over there