Thursday, February 10, 2011

in wellington!


 so we have been here just about a week now.  We are in our new place and its super cute! we have been doing some massive cleaning of it because the people before us weren't clean (and were clean freaks) but its great!  were right next to the bus and can even walk into town if we want.

got stuff for the place and our flatmate grandma is moving so she has a bed n stuff for us too!  got Snaper cards so we get the bus for cheaper and have been just setting everything up.

had an interview with westfield today and a possible marketing job may come my way! hopefully! then gave some more resumes out and are now sitting in starbucks using the internet (don't get ours till next week)

lots of cool stuff here, the te papa museum is FREE and has all sorts of cool things on earthquakes the moari people and other cool stuff.  doing a lot of walking around

took at 12 hour bus ride to wellington and then had wrong directions so walked a lot further than we had to with my piece of crap suite case that rolls over when you get to a certain speed. (its going in the garbage and im charging my parents for another one)

meet up with greg and have been listening to his crazy stories and hanging out.  more to come soon!

once we get jobs and situated well start working out our travels more, hopefully take weekend trips and then were thinking THailand over Australia or both…. depending on money!

 Pictures soon I promise....

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  1. It's great to hear that things are falling into place! So exciting that you had an interview with Westfield NZ! I'm sure you'll let us know how that and all the other job prospects go.


    PS - loved the NZ translations in the post above