Wednesday, February 2, 2011

we have arrived!

we made it!  we said bye to our families (sad) and then headed out, not before colin realized he almost forgot his computer! and we didn't have any phones.  Luckily a nice lady let us use it and his parents dropped it off.  from our flight to lax started the crazy long layovers.  (I still feel like im swaying back and fourth on the plane)  we had 5 hours at lax, and didn't realize after we went to the international terminals there wasn't much food options.  So I had a gross mini pizza while waiting, and they didn't even have internet! I couldn't believe it!  so we made it onto the plane and its by far the biggest plane i have ridden on.  it was a HUGE 747 with two levels, but even bigger than the one i had previously been on with 2 levels.  The food wasn't good either which surprised me.  we flew pacific air and i have to say im a little let down.  the movie screens in your seat just automatically played movies on different channels so you didn't get to start at your own time, and we had rice for breakfast and dinner… (along with other stuff) but no snacks!  Then we got to fiji where there was this huge line of cutting people and only one person checking people in, and one security screening.  so it took forever.  Then we sat in the airport for three hours and finally got a little bit of sleep.  The final fight from fiji to auckland didn't seem to long, and we got a nice breakfast with lots of fruit. 

We FINALLY landed in Auckland and made it through customs super easy and all our baggage made it!  we took a bus from the airport to our hostel and checked in.  The total traveling time was 29 hours! shoot me! but we made it! we changed out clothes, looked super disgusting and went to explore and eat.  our hostel the Base Auckland is located right downtown and has tons of shops around us.  there are a lot of chain restaurants here like mcdonalds, subway, burger king, borders books, the body shop, starbucks and those are just the few we've seen in our few blocks of walking.  (I think that will help reduce culture shock) 

We started looking into getting our phones, I will be purchasing the cheapest nokia old school phone and plans are about 25 a month which is super cheap!   The city looks like we could be in san fransisco, mixed with Hawaii and Seattle,  but it generally looks the same just a little more tropical.  Its pretty warm here as well.  and all the houses are super cute, it makes me excited to get to wellington and see ours!

The hostel is cool, its like a dorm thats giant and for people that can all legal drink, so we got free drink vouchers and theres a huge bar attached with stuff that happens each night for the people here. 

Tomorrow we have orientation and get all sorts of important info. 

other than that we are just glad to be here finally and about to pass out for a long time!

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