Friday, February 4, 2011


we absolutely love it here!!  we have spent the last few days getting our bank accounts set up, and phones (small lil nokia ones) and tax numbers figured out.  Tomorrow we are going on a 12 hour bus ride (shoot me) and then will finally be in wellington, and on the 9th in our house!!

Auckland is so fun, there are tons of amazing restaurants and shops, everyone here dresses so cute as well.  we have been doing lots of walking around and exploring but are more just excited to get down to wellington, and will do more exploring when were back.

we have got lots of info on other traveling to fiji and australia and i can't wait!

- things i have noticed  - people say sweet as, and cool a lot and I like the accent. people dress so cute! i can't wait to go shopping, the beer is expensive and not always good, only coke here not pepsi, door handles go the other way, there is a hole in the ozone layer right over new zealand so you can get burned easily, girls wear super short outfits, fashion mullet is in, people go barefoot, everyone seems nice, everyone is super pretty and not fat.  at cross walks people do diagonal cross and all the cars are stopped, i think this is so cool/fun!

Pictures coming soon! our internet sucks!

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