Wednesday, February 16, 2011

we have internet!

 we finally have internet!!! and can be connected to the world!!
but the only set back is now we found out we have two gas leaks and can't use our stove. (oh and that each time we used it, it coulda blown up in our faces, cool...)  but luckily the people are coming tomorrow to fix it.  but other than that things are good.  No more walking into town to use our 1 hour of free internet.

I have an interview tomorrow for an employment agency and hopefully will get a job, at least till I hear back from Westfield.  we looked into getting 18plus cards to show our age and not have to carry around our passports but they're kinda a long process.

Also a bit more exciting news... we went to STA to ask about Thailand and they're having a special right now, so we are going to go for 2 weeks in August!! I am so excited, we decided it would be more fun to go explore there than australia since new zealand is basically the same thing.

Other than that, not a lot new here. now that we have internet hopefully I'll get a job and get into the swing of things and start planning our trips around new zealand and little weekend trips.  (I'll keep ya updated!)

 here are some more different sayings....

heaps is a common word

salmon shoes on sale for 250 new zealand dollars regularly 350, and they're only 140 US.  the sale price is still way more than the normal US price.

rubbish = trash

cv = resume

eftpos = debit card

 have to get an 18 plus card for id so don't take passport around

charges you 10 cents for each plastic bag at the store

no tipping, tax included in prices for restaurants and other places.

dairy - convenience store

Ice Block - pop cicle

togs - swimsuit

the boot - trunk of a car

the bench - counter in kitchen

sweet as - common saying for like its cool, sounds good.  so people will say sweet as, or expensive as, or cold as. (Colin and I say cold as what?  our roommates never thought of that…)

flat = house or apartment not sure what the difference is

flat mates = room mates

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