Sunday, February 20, 2011

The old ladies LOVE Colin!

finally some pictures!! 

so the first one is of us and Greg on the walk down to town from our house (in Wadestown suburb).

next is colin and I on a rope swing on our hike to the mt. victoria lookout where there are 360 views of the city showing water on each side of the north island.

and then the last one is of some of the fruits and veggies in the weekly farmers market.  Its a huge market with tons of good food, and I even found this Indianish place and they had Chapaiti!! (it was my favorite food in Kenya, kind of like a tortilla but better...)  I have been wanting actualy chapaiti forever and I guess I just had to go to New Zealand to get it!

I spoke with my family today in Spokane and that was really fun, it was fun to see my grandparents on skype and my grandma wondering how it works.. but my aunt asked if there was anything we missed or they don't have and I couldn't think of anything but.....  There is no cilantro here! our roommate didn't even know what it was! Also according to Colin the salsa here isn't really salsa, and I am sure we will find more things.

On our way back from the Market on the bus, Colin got hit on by a old lady.. she told me she was watching the worlds most handsome man contest on tv the night before and he coulda won! but after she left the bus driver said she tells everyone that... pretty funny though!

HOpefully this week I finally get a job! Should hear back from WEstfield and i am now with a temp agency that calls with work so that should be good too. 

we are slowly figuring out our news plan, and here is a VAGUE outline.

 - now until August = working and doing short trips around the north island (but south of Auckland) 
- places like Taupo, Kapiti coast, Tongario and Whanganui national park (more to be announced later)

august - (were booking this today!!!)
 - Thailand for 2 weeks  - bangkok - chiang mai for a trecking experience and to see temples and meet different tribes, and then the beaches down south to soak up the sun!

 Then the rest of August and through October working to get some money and continuing our small travels through the North Island

In the end of October/ early November
 - travel to the south island for a month(ish) tour and we may even be able to use our roommates family's travel van which would be awesome!!

and finally after that coming back to Wellington, working and spending Christmas here or somewhere close and warm and finishing January with going to the tip of the North Island with the nice white beaches and then spending a few more days in Auckland.

We will fly out of Auckland in the last week of January to Fiji for around 5 daysish to soak up whatever they have to offer us and then finally come back to the United States!

Hope everyone is well back home, i can't believe its already almost been a month! more pictures soon!!

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