Monday, June 13, 2011

Christchurch just can't catch a break

Hi Everyone,  Just posting to report another series of quakes in Christchurch.  I know this doesn't make the news back home, but each day in Christchurch there are aftershocks.  They range from 3.0 to 5.0 and the city is continuing to crumble.

I feel so horrible for this community who everyday worries about when the next aftershock will strike and everytime they try to get their life back to normal the shaking starts and their hose is torn apart once again.

Today at 1:10pm there was a 5.5 aftershock, big enough to evacuate the 'red zone' (the central business area of downtown Christchurch which has sustained alot of damage) Luckily they did because less than 40 minutes later a big 6.0 aftershock struck.  Buildings have collapsed, new cracks emerged, new liquefaction has come up on the streets, power is out and phone lines a clogged... once again.  Once again the emergency operations center, and civil defense have set up and activated, people are injured and don't feel safe in their own city. 

I have never heard of this amount of earthquakes/aftershocks happening in one city.  Maybe its just because it doesn't make the news, but this seems absolutely crazy. 

Hopefully there will be no deaths from this aftershock, but the question remains, how many more will there be?  How many people will continue to flee Christchurch affecting the economy, the community and the entire surrounding area and when do you stop calling it aftershocks?  Because these aren't just little 3.0ers these are basically at the scale of the february 2001 quake that struck Seattle/Tacoma.  Imangine trying to live a normal life with quakes like that coming multiple times a day.

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