Saturday, July 9, 2011

don't have your ID? Its ok! you can still fly!

 Anything you thought about going through security at airports (domestic travel) FORGET IT.  New Zealand has its own terms, and I didn't get my ID checked once,  going to Auckland or back to Wellington.

I was lucky enough to fly up to Auckland for the day to attend a Marketing Managers meeting (how fun!)  It was great to see the head NZ office and learn more about the NZ marketing world, everyone was really nice and they even took us out bowling after!

My morning started quite early, but luckily I had a taxi and didn't have to take the bus!  I got to the airport, got my boarding passes and just walked all the way though.... shops and eateries are all public. (The main road even runs through the airport drop off point!)  You can still greet people at the gate as well.  Anyways, I went through some security at my gate.  It was like flying cira 1990.  I didn't have to take off my shoes, belt, jacket and I could take in food and beverage.  Not once did I have to show my I.D and before I knew it I was on the plane and ready to go!  The cockpit door can open and shut, and it doesn't take them years to depart from the gate, they just close the door and go. 

Air New Zealand totally has their marketing down for the safety as well.  on the way up I watched a rugby theamed video, as below:

so I got to Auckland, took my taxi to 277 Newmarket and away I went for meetings.  After all the work was done we went to a bowling alley and played some game along with some drinks and food.  By the time I was off to the airport I was 2-3 glasses in, and come to find out I was served more wine on the plane!  So by the time I got home, Colin told me I smelt like wine.

In the Auckland airport.  I went through security (this time with a package of hair products for a campaign we are doing)  the security man asked me what was in my package and then just said ok, have fun!  how crazy is that!  I got to my gate and realized there wasn't food places so I just leisurely went out of security, got some food and then went right back through.  Once again my ID was never checked!

The week before my trip to Auckland was Greg's last week with us.  We decided to celebrate our flatmate family and go out in Wellington.  It was a pretty fun night, and we made it to a few different bars, but then decided it was time for Kebabs and a taxi ride home.  the next day we went out to Nelsons families house (who have been so nice to host us for dinner, drinks and movies twice now!)

We went out kayaking for the day and it was beautiful!  Went out for around 2 hours, and then headed back to the family's house for an amazing dinner and movies.  It was super sad to see Greg leave... especially since we were a little family.  But he is off to Auckland and then headed back to the US.  We got a new roommate, she is nice and finally starting to talk and come out of here room.  At first she was super quite and never came out!  But things are getting better now.

On the 4th of July my work was nice enough to have a 4th of July afternoon tea!  We all brought red white or blue treats and it was so much fun! I am so lucky to have such a wonderful job! 

 Cheryl, Nadine, Jaime, Megan and I - 5 people missing, and ironically 2 of them were in the US!

Things I miss:
honey nut cherrios
apple sauce
gram crackers
frozen juices - they don't have them here!
health drinks - like Naked or Odwalla

 Kiwi sayings:
gutted - like oh disappointing.  - oh gutted!
plasters - bandaids
being precious - being snobby or difficulty.
top up - refil
nutta - crazy person
flesh against the wall  - flat against the wall

Write more soon, Miss everyone!!

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