Sunday, July 17, 2011

Our little life in New Zealand

I can't believe we have been living here for almost 6 months.  Time has gone by crazy fast! It is time to get down to business and start doing some serious traveling!  Today colin and I are making our master game plan for the rest of the year, as we have LOTS to do!

Things with us are going well.  It is winter but slowly starting to become spring. it has been a very mild winter.  Apart from the wind storms last week and tornado 45 min away from us.. ha everything is well!  One of our crappy doors broke in the storm, a huge chunk of wood came off with the lock.  And the power at work went in and out so that was a long day!

Colin has steady work for at least the entire month which is good, meaning I don't have to pay for everything :))  and we are getting ready for Thailand! it has really snuck up on us! But am super excited about it, and then before we know it Martha will be here for our south island tour!! so excited!!

We went out with my co-worker Jaime and her partner on Friday night.  We went over there for dinner and drinks and yummy cake!  We had drinks and then went to go bowling, which is crazy expensive here, go figure NZ expensive!

after that we ended up going to 6 different bars!  Time flew!  Jaimes best friends family owns a few Wellington bars, so we got free drinks n what not.  Before we knew it, it was 3:30am!  And ps the bars in NZ don't really close, at least not until like 7am.

one of the many bars we went to had this budha looking thing that we decided to take a photo with... apparently that wasn't ok and they tried to kick us out.. luckily Steve is a cop and knew the people so they let us stay. but I couldn't help thinking that you would have to do WAY more at home to get kicked out.  oh well it makes a funny story! 

So we finally made it home and slept in until 12pm!  Jaime and Steve came back over to do our VERY important Nordstroms order and then Colin and I did our weekly walk to the grocery store and then walk home with our backpacks and reusable bags full (up hills). oh yes and here is a picture of Kitty being silly and sitting like a human

well thats all for now! hopefully I have something more interesting to post next time, before we leave to Thailand!

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